September 16th marks the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, and recently, our fifth grade students Krisleidy Portes and Stephanie Díaz have given an exposition in all secondary school’s classrooms about this important topic. 

Unfortunately, human activity has damaged this protective layer of the stratosphere through environmental pollution, resulting in a hole that increases the ultraviolet radiation reaching the Earth’s surface. The main cause of ozone layer depletion are the chlorofluorocarbons which are chemical substances made up of carbon, fluorine, and chlorine atoms. 

As we now know, the ozone layer has been in danger, and if it is in danger, so is the planet, so it’s time to take action and protect the ozone layer, And how can we do it? Here are some tips you could follow: 

  • Avoid buying sprays or aerosols that are composed of chlorofluorocarbons.
  • Use a bicycle or public transportation. 
  • Clean with non-toxic products. 
  • Avoid using products with methyl bromide. 
  • Buy local products
  •  Plant a tree 

We want to thank these students for the exposition and for helping to raise awareness about the importance of the ozone layer on the planet.